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The Altars of Baal Are Being Shaken

On the 1st of May, I was praying at my prayer spot by River Dee, and saw an altar which I recognised to be an altar of Baal. Suddenly there was a sound in the natural like the sound of an earthquake. When it rumbled, I saw the altar shaken, cracked and collapsed…

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A Call to Prayer for President Zelenskyy

On Sunday 27th of February I had a dream. In this dream, I received a new rifle in the middle of the night and began to practise shooting in my front garden. As I pulled the trigger, it shot the neighbour across the street. I quickly ran across to make sure he was okay. It turned out to be a taser bullet with a wire attached…

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A Jezebelic Onslaught Is Coming – But We Will Overcome

Tomorrow, our country will be having the most significant General Election before Brexit. Ever since I prophesied over Boris Johnson 3 months ago, people have been asking me what happened, what I told Boris and what I see regarding this General Election. I have shared bits and pieces here and there, but never felt released to share the whole story…

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