Intimate Devotions (Vol. 1)

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“Intimate Devotions” is a series of instrumental albums that seek to capture a journey of seeking the Face of God. This is Volume 1. Full story below.

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Before a well-known prophetic man passed away in early 2019, he spoke about an unprecedented outpouring coming to the UK, and it would be marked by the manifestations of the “Angel of His Presence.”

For a year, I wondered what this “Angel of His Presence” was, until I found it in Isaiah 63:9: “In all their distress, He too was distressed, and the Angel of His Presence (מלאך פניו) saved them.” Through the ages, the “Angel of His Presence” delivered Israel from their distress, and the Hebrew word for it is “Malakh Panav”, which means “Angel of His Face.” – There’s something about the face of God that when it’s turned toward us, it brings deliverance to a generation. The Angel of His Presence is the manifestation of the Face of God Himself.

With a desire to see the Face of God, I went on a 21-day fast. On Day 1 of the fast, my whole life shifted (I won’t share any details); on Day 6, around 3am, the Spirit of God came upon me during prayer in a powerful way that I trembled under the anointing for an hour. It was so holy that I physically couldn’t speak about it for days. What was imparted was a worship anointing – an anointing to seek the Face of God.

For the rest of that 21-day fast the Lord continued to speak about a worshipping generation He is raising up that will carry the visible manifestation of Angel of His Presence – it is no longer the Face of God that merely delivered ‘them’, but ‘they’ will carry the visible light of His Face that delivers a generation. The anointing I feel when playing the piano has not been the same after that encounter.

“Intimate Devotions” is a series of instrumental albums that capture that anointing, designed to usher us into His Presence in prayer, devotions, as we seek the Face of God. This is only Volume 1, which means there will be Vol. 2, 3 and 4 etc. It is a journey of seeking Him, finding Him, and encountering His Face.

Volume 1 contains 12 tracks, 1 hour 16 minutes in total.

2 reviews for Intimate Devotions (Vol. 1)

  1. Chiel Hüpscher (verified owner)

    This music is truly anointed and if you open your heart for the Holy Spirit, He´ll fill you with His saturating presence. And it is really peace giving; my son of 3 weeks falls a sleep while listening to this music:)

  2. Ben Duncan

    Listening to Frank play stirs my heart to pursue Jesus. Great prayer background music for those seeking the presence of God. I can recommend!

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