The Lord is Hardening the Pharaohs in the Nations

This morning at 3am, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “I am hardening the hearts of the Pharaohs in the nations, in order that I may judge them and bring deliverance to My people Israel.”

I knew He was referring to the world leaders who are bent on Israel’s destruction. The Lord gave them time to repent, but time after time they chose to harden their hearts like Pharaoh did. The Lord is allowing their hearts to be fully hardened so they will not repent, so that He may deal with them, and that there will be a great Exodus for the nation of Israel and the nations of the earth, and a mighty deliverance for the people of Israel and all of God’s people. It hit me that the reason things must get worse before they get better is that the Pharaohs’ hearts must be fully hardened before God’s dealing can come, before deliverance can come.

The Lord then brought my mind to the 10th plague of Egypt, the final plague that brought about Israel’s deliverance. Then it hit me that I had just entered into the 10th day of a 10-Day global prayer initiative we have been participating in, the “10 days of Global Prayer for Israel.” I heard the Lord say, “10 Days for 10 Plagues.” I realised that the last 10 days have been about releasing judgment on the Pharaohs in the nations so that there would come a deliverance for Israel.

I believe the worst is yet to come for the nation of Israel. We will see world leaders more hostile than they are now. But we must remember that God is hardening the Pharaohs’ hearts, and deliverance is on the other side. I believe this also applies to individuals who have a calling from God, but circumstances have prevented them from being able to fully obey the Lord in their calling. When you see your own circumstances get worse, remember that God is hardening your Pharaoh, so that your deliverance may come.

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