A New French Resistance Is Rising

I received this dream on 10 October 2022. I have never shared it publicly and have only kept it in prayer. In recent months, I have increasingly been praying for the nation of France, to which this dream is related. In light of recent world events and the escalation felt in the spiritual realm, I believe it’s time to share this dream.

The Dream

In this dream, I found myself in a school. Along a corridor, members of my church were queuing for a test, which was also a worship conference held at a different location. I knew I was not prepared for this test, so I chose to stay behind.

After they had left, I started walking through the school building and ran into a friend who was a Jewish believer in Jesus. In real life, this man carried a lifelong burden of the time of Jacob’s trouble spoken of in Jeremiah 30, and a message of God’s zeal for Jerusalem and Israel to be purified and made a light to the nations. He also suffered severe depression before going to be with the Lord in November 2022.

This man led me into a music room, and told me it was a church called “Maranatha”. He then handed me a viola, with a bow fitted with Velcro. In reality, I am not a violist, but a violinist. When I picked up the viola, I found myself in a wedding dress. Surprisingly, the Velcro-fitted bow produced a beautiful sound as I began to play. What I played sounded like the soundtrack of a movie, and I felt the prophetic anointing. The melody resonated like the sound of the remnant, the unfolding of a series of events. The more I yielded to the anointing, the tighter the wedding dress grew.

As I continued to play, I was transported to a skyway corridor linking two buildings together. There, I saw what appeared to be a movie scene, with the sound of my viola directing the unfolding events. Then I saw the French President, Emmanuel Macron, looking out of a window. He was shouting in blasphemous fury, “I have all these [evil] things planned for Europe, and none of them are going according to plans!”

I moved closer while continuing to play. Macron turned and looked at me, then turned to look in another direction, raised his arm, and shouted, “Stop!”

Instantly, there was a “cut” in the movie scene, and the director appeared. Macron looked at the director, pointed at me, and exclaimed, “What is this, what does the next line say?!” The director then read out a cue card behind me, which said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” and “It is finished.”

I woke up, still hearing the sound of the melody in my head, still feeling the anointing from the dream resting on me.

The Interpretation

I believe this dream applies to the church in Europe, but particularly for the Body of Christ in France concerning what is coming and what God is raising up in the midst of it. The school symbolises a period of training and learning. France has been in such a season, and it’s unto a time of testing coming for the Church, and the test is in worship. Just as I was unprepared in the dream, many are not ready for what is coming.

Maranatha is a call that means “Come, Lord…” The Lord has placed the Church in Europe in a school to train them in worship, so that there will be a cry and a yearning for the Bridegroom’s return in times of darkness and testing, particularly from the church in France. The viola has a deeper resonance than the violin, and Velcro has a stronger grip than rosin. The Lord is training the church in the ‘depth’ and ‘grip’ (understanding) of worship. The depth of this worship movement will surpass anything that’s ever known and will embody the sound of the remnant bride with the prophetic anointing. This sound will guide the unfolding of prophetic events.

I believe the spirit fuelling Emmanuel Macron’s rage is the spirit of the Antichrist. Satan has plans to use Macron to further the antichrist agenda across Europe, but the sound of the remnant bride will rise and bring resistance to this agenda, and victory will be obtained through the cross: dying to self, pleading for mercy, and resting on His prevailing work.

I believe the Messianic Jewish friend represents the nation of Israel at the time of these events. I have always believed that these events will take place at a time when Israel falls into a state of depression, going through a time of trouble liken to that of the Great Tribulation. At this time, the pure remnant bride will arise.

The New French Resistance

In July 2023, we prayed for France at the Watchman Hub. Before I shared the dream, a member of the Hub heard a sound in the Spirit, a worship sound coming from France like the sound of the remnant. After sharing the dream, this hub member discerned a parallel between my dream and the French Resistance of the 1930-40s, when darkness covered Europe and France succumbed to the tyranny that also persecuted the Jewish people.

Immediately, the Lord made this word clear: A New French Resistance is Rising. There is a parallel between what happened in WWII and what was about to unfold: Israel is entering a time of trouble, the spirit of Antichrist is influencing Macron to attempt to cause darkness to cover Europe; and a New French Resistance is rising. It will not just be a political nationalist movement, but a movement of the Spirit of God through the church in France, characterised by the worship sound of the remnant bride that will bring resistance to the spirit of Antichrist.

Israel entered her time of trouble on 7 October 2023, bringing the nations into the Valley of Decision. The time for the New French Resistance is now.

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4 months ago

I had not expected this. Praise God if it be so! My intense concern has been against the antisemitism which seems to be almost tangible in France – as it is in London and other places, in the face of astounding ignorance of the facts on the ground in Israel, in Gaza and in Lebanon. I don’t know the state of the church in France, but I trust your discerning.

Are you planning to try to get back into Israel? This is the pre-war, as you probably know. Today, they were “gaming” medical evacuations etc. on the northern border.

There are also rumours of training a Citizen’s Army in the UK. I don’t know how far that extends to Scotland, but in the old days the Scots were always the best fighters, hence so many Highland regiments. We certainly need training for how to defend ourselves when the 5th column comes out of hiding. Greater is He Who is in us …