DREAM: Joe Biden is Escorting the Church to its Place of Authority

A few months ago I had a dream. In this dream I was standing on the bow of a ship that was about to sink, as the bow was about as low as the water. I heard a voice behind me calling my name. As I turned around I saw Joe Biden sitting on a bench on a raised platform in the bridge area of the ship where the captain would sit. But there was no bridge, and no helm was in front of him. Just a bench with Biden sitting on it and watching the sky.

Biden then invited me to sit next to him. So I went up, sat next to him, and was about to take my phone out to take a selfie with him to post on Instagram with the caption: “Hanging out with the Fake President.” But before I knew it, the ship arrived at the dock. I then began to walk through the cabins, and heard the announcement in the speakers: “JOE BIDEN IS ESCORTING THE CHURCH TO ITS PLACE OF AUTHORITY.” Then I woke up.

I believe the sinking ship represents America. Though Joe Biden is sitting in the seat of the President, he is not the President, and neither is he currently in control of America. The Praying Church at this time is being invited to the place of authority to steer this ship called America with our prayers, and navigate it to its destination. I believe the purpose of this Biden “administration” is to allow the Church to rise up, to not depend on the government or stand and watch the ship sink, but to realise we have authority, we can pilot the ship, and we can be in charge of America’s destiny.

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April Kiessling
April Kiessling
2 years ago

As an American I appreciate your word of encouragement. It’s what I’ve been hearing, slowly, here and there in the darkness of this time.

While a local (Christian, spirit-filled) candidate for sheriff in Clark County, WA (US) was speaking Sat 16 I heard the Lord say “stop circling the wagons!” (look up cowboy lingo to understand) “Take your beautiful weapons and fight, don’t look back, no defense anymore. Go out bearing my unbearable brightness.”