January 7-27, 2024


From January 7th to 27th, our online community will be going on a 21-day fast. This will not be merely a time of abstaining from food or other things, but a time of consecration, seeking His presence and aligning with His heartbeat. As we enter this time of deep reflection and intercession, we are mindful of the significant changes unfolding in the world and the prophetic signs that have been revealed to us.

Why This Fast, and Why Now?

During the summer of 2023, The Watchmen Hub sensed an impending turmoil and shaking to begin in autumn. On October 7, war broke out in Israel, drawing the nations into a Valley of Decision. With calls for Islamic Jihad issued by Hamas leaders, it was clear the shaking among the nations had just begun.

The Lord has been speaking about another wave of shaking coming to the nations, but with the promise that He will purify the church, birth His purposes on the earth and cause a remnant to rise and prevail against darkness.

We are in need of divine intervention more than ever, for the Presence of God to break in and change things – not for things to return to usual, but to thrust the Church and nation into their Destiny amid His perfect storm.

To a people crying out, “Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down,” (Isa. 64:1); the Lord replies, “Rend your heart, and not your garments.” (Joel 2:13)

Our 21-day fast is a commitment to align ourselves with what He is doing, believing for a pure and glorious church to emerge amidst the impending shaking, and praying earnestly for the salvation of Israel.

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What to Expect

Upon signing up, you’ll receive an invitation to join a WhatsApp group, set up exclusively for those participating in the fast. This group will be a place of sharing, encouragement, and communal prayer. You’ll be able to share your experiences, prayers and what you feel the Lord is saying to you; receive support, and connect with others who are walking this path alongside you.

Each day, you will receive an email with a specific prayer focus. These emails are designed to guide you through the fast, providing daily themes and Scriptures that align with our collective vision. They will serve as a spiritual roadmap, offering insights, encouragements, and challenges to deepen your prayer life and connection with God.

Zoom Prayer Meetings

We’ll also be holding regular Zoom prayer meetings throughout the fast. These virtual gatherings will be key touchpoints for our community to come together in unity, share insights, and strengthen each other in prayer. In these meetings, we will dive deeper into the daily themes, offer mutual support, and experience the collective power of our prayers ascending as one. Details on how to join these Zoom sessions will be provided upon registration for the fast. This is a vital part of our journey together, providing a space for connection, encouragement, and the shared experience of God’s presence and guidance during these 21 days.

A Prophetic Perspective on This Fast

The Sign of the Stratospheric Cloud

If you’re living in the UK, you might have seen a rare Stratospheric (nacreous) cloud flying across the sky over Christmas. This cloud has a specific association with prayer and fasting, in my prophetic history, much of which I believe intertwines with our collective journey.

Stratospheric Cloud, December 2012

In 2012, the Lord spoke to me about a seven-year period of preparation, a tipping point leading to revival, shaking, and the establishment of places of God’s presence in this nation. A few months later, in a prayer meeting, the Lord spoke to my friend independently about a 2,300-day period. The Lord supernaturally confirmed both revelations. Both periods concluded on the same day in 2019, marking the end of an old era and the beginning of a new one. 

On the same night of the prayer meeting, the Lord spoke to me about a 21-day fast in December, specified the dates, and said there would be a “sign in the heavens” on the first day of the fast, which I described it as “some kind of northern lights.” On the first day of the planned fast, a Stratospheric cloud appeared, confirming what the Lord spoke about revival, shaking and building dwelling places of His Presence in the nation. 

Stratospheric Cloud, January 2023

In January 2023, the Lord opened some significant doors in the realm of government. I connected with a key person in Parliament regarding a vision the Lord gave us. While I cannot disclose all the details, it had broader implications for the Church related to 24/7 prayer & worship (dwelling places of His Presence) and governmental authority in intercession. The Lord spoke prophetically about a “government reshuffle” and a “reshuffle of nations” to allow things to fall into places.

I went on a 21-day fast from the end of January. On the first day of the fast, a Stratospheric cloud flew across the sky. 

On February 7, Rishi Sunak announced a mini government reshuffle. The next day, I had a Zoom meeting with this key person in Parliament. On the same day, the Asbury Outpouring broke out in Wilmore, Kentucky. A few other pockets also experienced sovereign moves of the Spirit subsequently, and all of them looked like 24/7 houses of prayer started by God.

Stratospheric Cloud, December 2023

As the Watchmen Hub planned for this fast in December, the Stratospheric cloud appeared once again. While I do not believe the fast should have begun then, I believe the Lord is emphasising the significance of this fast.

“You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest, as warriors rejoice when dividing the plunder.
For as in the day of Midian’s defeat, you have shattered the yoke that burdens them, the bar across their shoulders, the rod of their oppressor.” — Isaiah 9:3-4