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Replay: 21st April, 2022

The generosity of people like you makes this livestream possible. If you are being blessed by this event, please consider giving a special gift.

Join us for a Special, one of a kind
Online Passover Seder Experience

If you missed last Friday’s Passover seder, you can now catch this powerful evening on replay. 

The 7th day of Passover is traditionally associated with the splitting of the Red Sea. We believe God will do the impossible to remove every limitation and drown the enemy of our lives.
Grab yourself some crackers & grape juice, something bitter, something sweet and a full meal (preferably without leaven), and make this Passover the “Passover of Passovers!” 
Join us this Thursday 21st April at 6:30pm GMT (7:30pm CET; 1:30pm EST), as we experience an evening of encountering the delivering power of God and interceding for the nations. The same power that brought Israel out of Egypt is present at the seder table!
Jewish sages say one must put himself in the Passover story as though he is personally going through Exodus. This year, we will be bringing Russia and Ukraine into our seder and declare a shift over the region and situation!

Get Your Free Haggadah!

The Haggadah (הגדה, “telling”) is a text that sets forth the order of the Passover Seder — the “order of service” for every Passover meal!

Here is the Haggadah we will be using for our online seder. Download your free copy and follow along with us, or use it at one of your own seders!

Stay updated on future events, blog posts, podcast and more!​

Give a Special Passover Gift

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