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A Word from the Lord Concerning Roe v. Wade, the Prayer Movement and “The Send KC”

On Tuesday the 3rd of May, I was praying into the United States Supreme Court leak concerning the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Concerning the security breach and the enemy’s plan to cause backlash in order to overturn the change of the verdict. As legitimate as these concerns were, I could not find in my spirit as much concern as there is in the natural. Instead, I had a strong sense from the Lord that…

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Dominic Raab and Dominic Cummings

Two Doms and Two Kings

While walking down the river praying, I saw the words “Dom” and “Dom” before my eyes. And then I saw the suffix “-inic” flash and they became “Dominic” and “Dominic”, and then I saw prefixes “King-” and “King-” flash and they became “Kingdom” and “Kingdom.”

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Korean Reunification, China and Donald Trump

I had a dream on 16/09/20. In this dream I was visiting an Israeli friend living in Japan. In real life this friend serves in a church, but in my dream he worked in a high school as a “secret Christian.” I met him outside his school for a tour of the school, but went in by myself. When I stepped into the school campus, I was not in Japan, but Korea…

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A Jezebelic Onslaught Is Coming – But We Will Overcome

Tomorrow, our country will be having the most significant General Election before Brexit. Ever since I prophesied over Boris Johnson 3 months ago, people have been asking me what happened, what I told Boris and what I see regarding this General Election. I have shared bits and pieces here and there, but never felt released to share the whole story…

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Paul Cain at Azusa Now

Paul Cain’s Death Marks the End of a Preparation Period for the UK

On February 12, 2019, Paul Cain, a prophetic man whose ministry greatly impacted my life, passed into glory. I attended a meeting in Sunderland back in 2017, which Paul described as “the most important meeting in his life.” The Lord had told him 30 years prior that he was going to minister in 2017 in this context, and light a match for an unprecedented outpouring of the Spirit that’s coming to the UK. He prayed that he would see the things he spoke of and contended for them until his last breath. I believe Paul Cain’s death marks the beginning of these things.

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